When it comes to maintenance SCX believes it is better to deal with things in house, and thanks to our dedicated shop staff we are capable of taking care of any problem thrown our way.  From complete rebuilds, to replacing the smallest light, they are more than capable.  Of course if there is a problem on the road we are happy to find you a shop where ever you may be, and if its a tire you need well we should have no problem finding you a service center as we participate in a national Goodyear account.  While we do like to take care of repairs in house, our number one priority will always be that our drivers are provided with safe and reliable equipment.

Trailer repair

​When it comes to our trailer repairs be it

refrigeration or mechanical SCX's dedicated trailer repairmen can handle it.  Most of our 45 trailers run carrier refrigeration units paired with Orbcomm trailer management making diagnostics a breeze.  But when it comes to major breakdowns of the refrigeration unit, we are prepared with backup units that are ready to be installed in just a few short hours.  So no matter the problem big or small we will be ready to get you back on the road.

major ​On the Road repairs

Body repair

Full in house service

Though ideally there will never be a need for it SCX does their own in house body repair.  We hope that you never have an accident while on the road but sometimes things happen that are out of our control.  So when there is an accident you can always count on our shop to get your truck up and running as quick as it came in our door.

​When it comes to more serious OTR repairs, SCX does their best to minimize the time spent by the driver waiting on a down truck.  we accomplish this by running two fully functioning service trucks.  So when you have a repair that will take longer than normal due to backed up shops, or lack of shops.  We send one of our in house mechanics your way with all the parts and tools they would need.  Keeping a spare truck on hand, and a Protote stinger at the ready, is just one more way we attempt to minimize the time spent waiting on repairs.  This allows us to be able to tow the spare truck to you, to keep rolling, and tow the down unit back to our shop where we can immediately place it in our shop.  

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