When it comes to equipment SCX strives to provide our drivers with everything they need to remain comfortable and efficent while out on the road. 

   Eighty percent or more of our fleet is equiped with either thermoking or carrier APU's.  Allowing for a driver to eaisly power thier tv, fridge, or various electronics to make thier breaks more relaxing. 

   Our enitre fleet has Pepolenet satalite systems, which is compliant with all current e-log mandates. 

   All of SCX's OTR trailers are powered by carrier reefer units making it easy to find a repair shop no matter where the unit may be. 

   In the event a unit breaks down and will be a timely repair, we have spare trucks that will be towed to you by our in house shop.  Once you are in the spare truck they tow yours back to our yard and immediately jump on getting your truck back up and running.


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About our company


Satchell Creek Express

​We are a smaller fleet of 28 trucks ran under the authority of Satchell Creek Express, which is owned and operated by Susan Williams.  Susan and her husband CL started out ranching in the Flint Hills of Butler County KS, which eventually led to them getting into grain and rock hauling.  After a few years of running they jumped into the reefer business.  Now a days as mentioned before SCX is running 28 trucks, 45 trailers and growing, with customers such as Farmland/Smithfield Foods, Cargill, and JBS just to mention a few.  One of SCX's main goals has been and always will be to remain a driver oriented company that remembers there is more than just the equipment out there on the road.

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